Time flies when you're having fun

Time flies when you're having fun

February 5, 2024

Time flies when you're having fun

The first month of the year is already behind us. For most of us the turn of the year is a time to make annual summaries and plans for the future.
So did we. And not without the pleasure, as 2023 brought us as many challenges as successes. At the end, to make this 365 days long story short: it was a good year for Westland Seeds.

From a small initiative to a fully grown seed businness

It wasn’t just an another year for us. In 2023 Westland Seeds had its 15th anniversary. A great moment to take a quick look back, make some conclusions about the past… and move on!

A lot has changed within these 15 years. From an anonymous few-man company somewhere in the corner of Westland in The Netherlands (Maasdijk to be precise), starting with a few promising pepper varieties and a dose of passion, we grew into a full-size seed business.
In the meantime we moved our greenhouse to the heart of Westland (De Lier), we implemented new technologies to our breeding programs, expanded the team. And last but not least: we extended our offer with a whole range of sweet and hot peppers, including specialties, in any possible color, size and shape.

Year 2023 of Westland Seeds in numbers

Our 2023 in numbers:

  • 3 persons joined our team (Michelle, Justyna, Michiel: thanks for a great job you do!),
  • we added a record number of 13 new sweet varieties to our catalogue (see our catalogue here),
  • there are 3 new hot varieties which extended spicy family of Westland Seeds (see our hot peppers catalogue here).

Our pepper varieties being sold all over the world

Sales has something to say too:

  • we visited 17 countries to shake hands with our clients and dealers,
  • we sold millions of seeds,
  • in more than 50 countries,
  • on all 6 inhabited continents.

The best pepper varieties of 2023

Our 3 most popular varieties in 2023 were:

  • WLS 4465, and that’s no surprise, as it’s powerful and highly productive variety combined with an excellent taste,
  • WLS 2090, which is a great choice of our customers, because it’s very reliable,
  • WLS 4450, one of our favorites too, as it’s an absolute beast: great sized fruits throughout the year and highly productive.

We keep on going on a full speed

It was a busy and exciting year. We put a lot of effort into making our brand recognizable in the seed business and uplifting the quality of our seeds. And the hard work pays off.
Westland Seeds is not only becoming recognizable but it does count. Sales reaches all continents all over the world. Which means nothing but our varieties feed many households worldwide. How cool is that?

Plans for the future? We keep on going and we’re not slowing down!

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